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When the world's largest single-breed horse show started making noise about leaving the Ohio Expo Center and moving to another state, the Ohio Expositions Commission listened.  The All American Quarter Horse Congress has been held at the Fairgrounds since 1967 and studies show it is responsible for pumping $180 million back into the local economy each year.  Officials for the show told the expo commission that they had outgrown the 360-acre fairgrounds and they were hearing complaints from some of the 650,000 participants about the conditions of the facilities.

In order to continue the economic growth in Columbus and surrounding areas, a $38 million state allocation for two new buildings at the Ohio Expo Center ensured that the lucrative show would remain in Ohio for years to come.

Included in the overall project renovation was an existing parking structure at the Gilligan Complex.  The 310,000 square foot project was under a 30-day time schedule to have it completed by the All American Quarter Horse Congress show in October 2014.  Pecora Corporation was selected because of our ability to manufacture 12,000 gallons of material, ship it to the jobsite, and facilitate the installation of our products all within the project's budget and time frame.

The concrete parking facility was inspected to certify that it was structurally sound.  All decks were mechanically prepared using a sandblast method and all metal was wire brushed to remove existing rust and provide a bright metal finish.

The expansion and control joints had the existing deteriorated sealant removed, static cracks were routed open to ¼" x ¼, and were mechanically prepared.   The joints were primed and Pecora Dynatred sealant was installed.  Dynatred is a two-part, self-leveling, traffic-grade elastomeric sealant. Dynatred was tooled flush to the surface and cured overnight.  The next day, Pecora Deck 802-T was installed as a detail coat to all hairline cracks, sealed cracks, and control joints.  The detail coat was applied at 30 wet mils.

The concrete was primed with Pecora-Deck P-801-VOC, a single component low VOC urethane based primer at 250 - 350 square feet per gallon.  This was left to dry for 3 to 4 hours before applying the remaining components of the Pecora-Deck 800 system.  The multi-step, Pecora-Deck 800 series is a one-part cold-applied urethane liquid deck coating system.  The application of the Pecora-Deck 802 Base coat was applied using a ¼" notched squeegee to push the puddled 802 along the deck at 30 wet mils.  This application method was used on all surfaces and allowed to cure overnight.

With a slightly tack base coat, the 804 Intermediate coat was applied at 15 wet mils utilizing a 1/8" notched squeegee.  After this coat was applied, sand was broadcasted at a rate of 11 lbs. /100 sq. feet, backrolled and allowed to cure overnight.  The following day, the 806 Top coat was applied at 15 wet mils.  In the higher traffic areas such as the ramps, sharp turns, and the entrance and exit, a second application of the top coat was used.  While the facility manager decided to use Stone Grey, a standard color top coat, Pecora Corporation offers the flexibility of 2 standard colors, 40 field tintable colors or virtually any custom color for a top coat.  Upon completion of weatherproofing the ramp, the parking deck was allotted 48 hours to fully cure before opening the deck to traffic.

The completion of the Gilligan Parking Deck was successfully completed within the 30-day deadline.  JL Kuck Construction (Englewood, OH) handled all concrete repairs to the deck and CPI Industries (Columbus, OH) blasted and sealed the entire deck and 4 traffic ramps.  Pecora's team supported the project through on-site analysis, quick material production and shipment.  Pecora worked seamlessly with the contractors and the Gilligan Complex facility manager to provide a durable cost-effective performance solution for their needs.

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